non receipent of bill

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working with pune muncipal corporation as contractor not received bill of approx 10 lac rs bills from march 2015 since budget expired others having political contacts got the bills for me it was not i paid to corporator his fees even all fees officials were paid but nobody helping now iam such a frustrated person that if i get hold of automatic weapons i will fire all this system as bhagatsingh said british government is dumb on general dyers killing so he threw a bomb in open space of hall but today to make people come out against all evils in society is only by delivering shocking gunning of people in thousands so that they know danger has reached their door steps now we should rise against all evil politicians kill them with their families is only quick cure from cancer of corruption yes iam filled with anger and fill very frustrated as i cannot do anything if isis like organisation comes in india i will like to be part of it so i have access to automatic weapons for mass killing really that day should come fast

non receipent of bill
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