non receipt of cash by ATM

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My wife Sakunthala Krishnan is operating Savings Account 208001001117386 in City Union Bank Rasthapet Br PUNE.
On !5 Sept. 2015 ,while we were trying to withdraw Rs.10000 from VIJAYA BANK ATM after message “COLLECT CASH” we found no cash came out.We reported to the Bank . It was corrected and we took Rs 100 and Rs 10000 after that.
But inour Bank records 20100 has been debited from A/c.
Details: 15/09/15 ATM WDL VD513001 -Kharadi Road Pune MHN appearing in all our 3 transactions. Time of withdrawal could be around 3 to 4 PM.
We were told that Rs 10000 will be reversede to our Account in 24 hours . But till now it has not been credited jn our Account.
Our Banker City Union Bank al so seems to have launched complaint.
Kindly look into this matter and arrange to reverse out the amount debited (.Rs 10000)
We have not opted for PRINT OUT. Also please let us know howmuch time the whole procedure wii take to complete.


non receipt of cash by ATM
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