Non Receipt of Interest, maturity amount of Fixed Deposit

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Dear Sir,

As per Section 73 of Companies Act,2013, A private Company and an un-eligible public company cannot accept loans or deposits from any person other than its Directors. For accepting any loan from person other than Directors the company will have to comply with all the conditions mentioned including creation of reserve account, deposit insurance, credit rating, etc. and they have to refund the deposit upto 31.03.2015.

I have deposited a sum of Rs.1,00,000/- with ELDER PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED (FDR No. N 79158, Date of Deposit : 24.01.2013, Period : 36 months, Dt. of Maturity : 28.01.2016, Rate of Int. 12.00%).

Sorry to inform you that neither Elder pharma refund the maturity amount nor giving any interest from 01.10.2014.

I request Mr Sudhir Choudhary, Chief Editor of Zee News to unmask this type of fraud done by many companies in India in your DNA.

Waiting for your reply.

Gayatri Devi Modi
106, New Station Road, Bhadrakali, Hooghly, 712232, WB,
Mobile No. : 9830015225

Non Receipt of Interest, maturity amount of Fixed Deposit
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