Non Receipt of Product due to wrong address – Provogue

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I placed one order 162439572 of a watch online over Provogue. Since I had a coupon code the INR 3499 watch costed me only Handline Charges of INR 399. I paid from my ICICI Debit A/C but then after the order was placed I saw the address stunningly was of Delhi when I am from Kolkata. I immediately tried contacting Provogue over many phone nos but every line every time is busy. I wrote to but no response. They ordered GoJavas to deliver the product, but GoJavas MUMPVGP581918 failed delivery while attempting since it was wrong address. They sent it back to Provogue. Now again when I am trying to contact over phone or mail about what would be done with the product resend to correct address
TATA Consultancy Services Limited,
Unitech Building, Gate 2, Block G3, Floor 3
Action Area 1, Rajarhat NewTown
Kolkata – 700160
West Bengal
or refund back my amount, they are not responding or just saying their common statement to trace after 48 hrs.
Please help

Non Receipt of Product due to wrong address – Provogue
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