non refund of booking amount

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Sir. I have booked Royal Enfiled Motor Bike paying Rs.5000 advance. I paid a demand draft of price of motor bike fixed by company and canteen stores department , ministry of defense to CSD depot Chennai and purchased a classic 350. My Booking order no was CSDSO100044151600371 dated 8 Aug 15. The bike was delivered on 14 January 16. . i got the receipt of the amount, insurance Rs.3199 + temporary registration fee Rs.219(179+40) totaling = rupees 3418.00 and balance of rupees 1582/- which i am suppose to get refunded but after many communicagion, today i got mail from branch manager that i had been refunded rupees 551.00, i requested Company show room to either issue me cash receipt for remaining money of Rs. 1031.00 (if rs 551.00 refunded as they claim). or refund to me . Annexed here with pl find the Br Manager reply on 17 Mar 16
Dear Sir,

We have deposited Rs.551/ to your account on 12/03/16.

Booking amount paid 5000

Temporary regn charges – 1250
Insurance – 3199

Balance – 551


Selvam PEriyasamy

As per manager they spend Rs 1250.00 on Temporary regn charges , where as at time of booking i was told by rep of the show room- that temporary reg charge is around 300.00 and they have given the receipt of rupees Rs.219(179+40) for temporary reg. Then why they are claiming 1250.00 as temporary reg fee.

non refund of booking amount
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