non-refund of cancelled ticket

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Please refund my cancelled refund amount INR 5524 (Booking ID: N6EV2J6UB) in my sbi bank account from where the booking has been done, because I don’t have any tour recently, so please don’t block my rupees. In time of cancellation I gave the option CASH wrongly (I think Cash means by hand you are giving cash). Waiting for your refund amount. Regards Madhumita Basu

Phone: 9836571890


non-refund of cancelled ticket
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    One representative of yours cell no.9560793428 called and said one of my last payment of Rs.8000/- to Manav Vikas Samithy is going to refund due to expiry of 120 days and he himself made OTP request to my SBI Credit Card bearing No. 4006 6760 1845 5870. By seeing the refund information, I told OTP number to him. Immediately my credit card account is debited Rs.8000/-. Later I realized I have been cheated. After searching in the website, I had a strong feeling that, I will get my money back from your Company. Please confirm my aspirations.


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