Not getting refund of the products returned Yebhi.Com

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I have shopped from online on March 29, 30 and April 1, 2014. As per their policy, we can return the products within 30 days if we have any issue such as did not like the quality, if there is a size roblem, etc. I also created the customer return order # CRO271942 in which 14 items were dispatched from my end. Out of 14, they processed 7 items and for 7 items, they stated that they have not received it. All the 14 items were in the same bag and I did get the AWB receipt by the courier person for that parcel. After knowing the issue, I had a complaint raised # YBCSA344847 and provided the copy of the parcel receipt in the complain # YBCSA344868 on April 8, 2014.I am getting a call back from them after 2-3 days for a follow up and the representative Manohar working on the case only said that they did not get those 7 items in the warehouse. As a customer, we are tend to send the parcel sealed and keep the copy of the receipt provided by the courier person which I did and provided the same when required. The 7 items cost is Rs 1,660.90. The company is now not refunding that amount and I dont even have the produts with me. They still want me to pay the amount and said that they can not do anything. I have told them to escalate or provide the greivence team number and e-mail address, they are not ready to do that as well. They only say that no mistake can be done at our end. When I hand over the parcel to the courier person and get the receipt number, it is not my responsibility where the items were misplaced or who took those items after that. But still they are not ready to admit that this issue has occured and not refunding the Rs 1,660.90 to me. I do not have those items and when I shopped for around Rs 17000, why would I have issue to pay for the products which I have. This is such the pathetic service I am receiving from them and they simply say that they can not do anything. The mistake has occured at their end and they want me to pay for that. This is not a service anyone would look for. I request you to please look into this matter and get the case resolved to get the refund amount. For me, every penny counts and I do not want to bear any loss, if the issue occurs at their end. Please help!!!!!

Not getting refund of the products returned Yebhi.Com
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