Not passing candidate even if exam went really well

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Hi Sir
My complaint is against National Board of Education which is a recognised university for medical courses. My husband is doing PG from here i.e DNB in Orthopaedics. He had his pratical exam in May 2015 in faridkot n which went really well and was also highly appreciated by the Examiner. A candidate needs 150 marks to pass out of 400. Even after doing so well DNB people have not passed him on the other hand there was a candidate who himself told my husband that his viva was not conducted n his exam went bad he has passed the exam. This was 3rd n last exam of practical n now our life is back to square one as again he have to appear fod theory first . Its been 8 years n he have been fighting with his career. I want to know what is the criteria in DNB for passing in practicals to a candidate. In his 1st attempt he scored 143/400 . In his 2nd attempt he scored 144/400 in both the attempts he was less by 6-7 marks. I need your help in raising this issue as NBE is ruining life of many candidates. Now my husband is after me for both of us comittong suicide as in the age of 33 he is still struggling with all this. Kindly help us what should we do. You say youth is the future of our country but this corruption will never let our country grow.

Not passing candidate even if exam went really well
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