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Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is M.Sharmila.I have studied B.Ed in SVS College of Education during the period 2012-2014.I have passed theory exam on 2012-2013.In that time i can’t able to attend my practical examination due to my pregnancy.So that i had attend 2013-2014.I have scored the marks of “320” in that exam.But still now i have not get received my “Maksheet”,”Provisional”,and “Convocation”.For past 2 years i was sending mails to college and university,but there is no reply and response.
College chairman said Go directly and ask university.But university said here no information of examination fees DD number,So get DD number your college.

College they are saying we don’t have “DD” number,without paying how can you attend the examination and how to get “320” marks.

But university won’t accept anything.

What to do sir.
Please help me to get my certificate.

I have paid “Rs 4000″ for my practical examination.But i don’t have any receipt from there.They said we have to paid this amount in DD to university remaining amount you will get later.

3 years completed still now i have not received my certificates.both are playing with me.

Kindly please help to solve this problem


Not receiving Marksheet
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