Not satisfied with Royal enfield product classic 350 and servicers

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Dear Sir,

1. I had purchase this bullet because of the brand name Royal Enfield so i invest Rs-1,70,000/- on it but i was totally shocked that what kind of the brand name its that the authorised service centre is not able to rectified what the mistake is in my brand new bullet(Chassis Number-ME3U3F5C1FM343918, Engine Number-U3S5C1FM061754) and they have send it to a local workshop (pic of the workshop is attached with mail) for repair.I am not able to understand what kind of products and services is the company providing to the customers. And what kind of bullets the company is manufacturing that can’t have a capacity to carry a single rider on it .

2. Its my request to you to rectified all the mistake which is in the bullet and improve it also change the rear wheel which is damaged by the mud guard by a new one or if the company is unable to rectified all the mistakes in it then give me a new classic 350 bullet.Till the time my bullet is with the service centre provide me a substitute bullet.

3. If the company is not taking any quick decision with concern to my matter i have to take further legal action against Royal Enfield .

Thanks with regards

Manoj Kumar.


Not satisfied with Royal enfield product classic 350 and servicers
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