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Sir, Two month before (exactly March 10th) i have applied for NRI account opening in Federal Bank, Elanthoor Brach, Pathanamthitta.On the same day the Assistant Manager told me He will immideately open an account,remaining check book,ATM card all items will recieve wiith in 5 days via postal.I waited for 1 week, No response. Again I meet that same person he just searching my file.( i understant he is a busy person may be he forget my matter)immideately he open an account,give me account no and per his instruction wait for 7 more days for ATM card and check book but no reponse.2 or 3 times I meet and call him but no reponse one month vacation completed i hand over the details to my father.So many times my father discussed this matter to the manager and assistant manager.Yet not received the ATM card and check book.Now its getting two month. This is the way for dealing a customer????Atleast you want to response the customer voice???This is rediculus.Im unhappy with your service. I humbily request you to cancel my NRI account opened by the Assistant Manager as soon as possible.
For details contact TM Simon +919946257606

Account no:10852100329913
Name: Shebin Mathew Simon

NRI Account Opening
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