on purchase of new Bajaj Discover bike

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on 21st march 2014 I purchase a bajaj discover 125 ST by cash,
I was given no instruction about the bike or its paper, when ever I ask about the papers or tool kit or medical kit or about service the answeer was given once you get the number you get all the things, so on 22 apr 2014 I went ot the showroom (prince auto center pune) I was coated 550/- for first service of the bike, upon questining the owner mr agrawal shouted in such a way that we had made a mistake for taking a bike from him, he is very wild and faminist and dont speak as customer care personal. if he is running a business center first he should be polit in his behaviour and should speak politely with customers but here it seems he is least bother, any way when I called the customer care personal he took my complaint and with in next 20 minutes I got a SMS from prince auto center that come and collect ur invoice, toolbox, medical kit. My question to you is, is this the way the dealer deals with the customer, secondly today is the 27th apr 2014 and I have not received mumber for my bike. what kind of customer service a dealer gives.plz if this is the case and no action is take people like us have to suffer. so my kind request to you is the dealer mr agrawal needs to ask me sorry for his wrong behavor and not giving proper information. the servicing of my bike should be done free all 3 as I am not aware of it and I was not given any information. thankyou

a broken hearted man
Sharad Jadhav

on purchase of new Bajaj Discover bike
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