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I have an Onida AC, which is not working now. i had called customer care and registered a complaint long back and after that there is no response from the service center. from past two days i have been calling customer care but the executives are putting my call on hold for more than 30-45 mins stating that they are transferring the call to seniors, but after 45 mins they pretend as they are unable to hear voice and willing disconnect the call. the AC compressor is in warranty and that is the reason these people are not responding me, when another issue came few months back which happens to be a paid service, the next day it self they resolved the issue. after calling to customer care when i asked for senior person they transferred the call to another executive, name: “PRAVEEN”. these people are fraud the whole company is fraud because when to escalate this case i called the website provided corporate number, there was no one to attend the call. i am just tired from onida and i very soon I will speak to my advocate to know if any sort of legal action could be taken than definitely i will go for that.


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