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My Name is Navneet. I placed a order from Ericdress , order no : 575419 worth USD $ 64.25 .
I choosed the option for fast delivery and according to the policies the order should get delivered in Max 16 days. Though i didn’t recieved the orrder on time and i kept conatcting ericdress through email as no one picks up calls on the number provided on website. They keep sending me automaatic replies. Then finally on 16th they replied me that they have shipped the order and next day i recieved called from canada registry that i need to pay more as a broker fee to get this order.
According to the policies i read on ericdress website , they have clearly mentioned that customer is not reponsible to pay any custom fee , it is buyer reposibilty. Now the company is forcing me to apy the broker fee and not replying me further with any update on my order.
Canada registry has also sent the order back to the buyer and ericdress is not giving me an answer.
i want my money back. I work part time with a small company and 64 USD is a good money for me.
Please help me to get my money back.
My email address is

Company website :
Contact info : +86-2968508355
Thank you

Online Purchase – EricDress Issue
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