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I ordered a mobile its moto g turbo white from amazon and paid rs.5000 after applying a discount code but on the same day they just cancelled my order and when called him for explanation of cancelation they told me that there was no any discount code published by them and they can’t give me the product on that price , but I told them that is not my problem I placed order from amazon official site and want it and if they can’t deliver me the product then just give me compensation but they strictly say no and said they will not going to take any of above action , then I told them how can they place wrong information and if there was any priciw error with the site then why should a coutomer pay for it but they said they can’t do anythink on it and whe I asked them I will complaint in consumer court , they told me that do whatever you want to do but we are not going to give you any compensation.
So sir please help me out , I have all the details of the order which I had placed even they just vanished all the proof of order from my account.

order cancelation complaint
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