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Sir,I with due respect i want to infrom you that,one of your defence branch of SSB,, which had made camps in our locality 5 years ago are building infrastructure, they travel through our village every day and night with big trucks and cars and thus making our road very very bad with all mud everywhere in the rainy season,,moreover there is a small private school here and a just newly established private college here .Many students come and go and many people have to go through the bad road,none of them cares. But your defence people never thought of the problems facing by our local people ,Moreover there are some officers who drive there vehicals through our road at very high speed . We talk about the road with them but they are not taking any step. Our village is very small which is near guwahati the metro city.Since,our village is in kamrup,metro no development of our road is also made by the corrupt MLA ,
Sir,i need help from you to make our road better to make a clean and healthy india . I wish you will reply to my problem .
From Assam,
Sonapur,Jalukbari, kamrup metro
My email – benzeme1994@gmail.com

Our Village Road
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