Panasonic Mixer Grinder not serviced properly

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Dear sir

We have bought the mixer grinder two years back. It worked properly upto 6 months. Then problems arise and from March 2014 we were taken the machine many a times to your service centre at coimbatore. They are not giving any service slips to escape from recording the service numbers. We have given every time and after a month they will ask us to take delivery. After coming home again the same problems persist. Again we took the Mixer grinder to them and again the same routine. Now till last week we have given the Mixer Grinder for more than 10 times and the same problems persist still. Then what is use of your 5 year warranty?

Still the Mixer Grinder is not working properly. We are planning to take this matter to the consumer forums if it is not replaced immediately.

Yours faithfully —for bad services
COIMBATORE – 641 027

Panasonic Mixer Grinder not serviced properly
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