pathetic condition of PBOR ‘s in Armed forces

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The PM of India

Subject: Kind attention towards saving life of slave soldiers (PBORs) of Independent India which are serving in the Indian Armed Forces.

Applicant: One of the representive of slave soldiers(PBORs) of Independent India who serving in the Indian Armed Forces.

Respected sir,

1. May i have the honour to bring your kind attention towards degradable and pathentic life of slave soldier of independent india.I want to bring out some facts regarding the condition of the slave soldiers of independent india to the notice of people of india so that they should know the reality.We got independence on 15 Aug 1947 but till date the sildiers of this country are realy slaves of the officers of the Indian Armed forces.Fundamental rights given by the constitution of India are bein denied to the soldiers. Our constitution has given fundamental right of life with dignity but this right is not applicable for the soldiers. Also constitution of India given a right of enhancement of life by applying for the various examinations but in Inndian Armed Forces, soldiers are restricted for applying for civil examinations till completion of seven years of service. Also after the comletion of sven years of service the soldiers are only permitted to appear for Group”A” post.(A copy of Airforce Order issued by Chief of Air Staff is annexed). After a gap of seven years,most soldiers became ineligible due to age limit. also as per Article 21-A, every citizen of India have a right to education howevevr in Indian Air Force, soldiers ar restricted from acquiring educational qualification upto completion of minimum 3-4 years of service.copy of the Aieforce Order is annexed). Soldiers of Indian Armed Forces are denied with right to freedom. There is big violation of Right to equality in the Indian Armed Forces. Also the soldiers are not treate like a human being. There is big gap between the officers and soldiers. As per Airforce song all rank osf Airforce are equal however rules, regulation, justice, pay, pramotion, accommodation, toilets, privileges, messes etc. are different for officers and soldiers serving in Indian Armed Forces. A few examples of violation of Right to equality are as follos:

(a) There is a big gap between pay and allowances between officerss and soldiers of Indian Armed Forces.

(b) Officers are getting miliatry service pay of Rs 6000/- pe month where as soldiers are getting only Rs 2000/- per month. The bsic purpose of military service pay is to serve in the defence forces and to maintain a gap between their civilian counterparts.

(c) Also certain pay such as qualification pay, rank pay, non-practice allowances, kit maintenance allowances are not applicable for the soldiers however these allowances are paid to officers since a very long period.

(d) The officers of Indian Armed Forces are entitled for educational leave of 2 years however soldiers are not entitled for any type of educational leaves.

(e) The main violation is regarding Right to justice. Officers of the Indian Armed forces who were involved in the major offences like rape, curruption, illtreating to subordinates, violations of good order and descipline are triled under AF act and awarded minor punishment whereas if a soldier involved in such offences are handed over to civil court.Even a soldier involved in offence like absent without leave are treated under AF act and awarded with a rigrous imprisonment of few month and dissmisal of service.(Copies of Air HQ routine order is annexed for your varification)

(f) Officers of Indian Armed Forces are getting good quality of accommodation whereas the condition of accommodation of soldiers are very pathetic.

(g) There is no privision of voluntary retirement in Indian Armed Forces. In Indian Air Force the initial term of engagement os 20 years but every organisation in India is not having more than 5 years of the initial/compulsory period of engagement
sir my identity is not to bedisclosed asi have to serve under the same organization nd same officers…
so many other issues. are also corruption, dadagiri of officers, misbehave with lady officers nd many more..
though u i dream for a better tomorrow i defence too..
jai hind sir.

pathetic condition of PBOR ‘s in Armed forces
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