Pending VRS Cases

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Date : 14-09-2014

The Hon’ble Prime Minister,
P.M. Office,
New Delhi.

Respected Sir,

Myself, A.K. Jain (Sr. Clerk), have been working in Savatram Ramprasad Mills, Akola (A unit of National Textile Corporation Ltd. (W.R.)
On 23-02-2014 I had submitted a duly filled V.R.S. form to the mills, which has been closed since Jan. 2010. The mill had forwarded my form to Regional Office (Mumbai) for further needful action.
Subsequently, Mumbai Office forwarded the said form after signing to our Holding Company, Delhi for approval on 3-3-2014. But I understand so far no action has been initiated on my application form for V.R.S.
I have been undergoing heavy financial problems to cope up with the expenditure against, my children’s studies in professional colleges. And my present salary being much less (below Rs. 13,000 p.m.), makes it very difficult to make both the ends meet. Hence I had opted to apply for Voluntary Retirement because only then, with the amount, I shall be able to incur the expenses required on my children’s professional education and thereby good academic career to them.
I therefore humbly request your goodself to look into this matter and impart necessary instructions to the concerned authorities to speedup the process so as to relieve me of this financial burdon.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
(A.K. Jain)

Pending VRS Cases
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