Pension Scheme of Retired Executives of Coal India Limited

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The Hon’able Prime Minister
Government of India
New Delhi
Respected Sir
Sub: Pension Scheme of Retired Executives of CIL – on OROP basis
Most of the Executives of all disciplines of CIL/erstwhile CMAL who devoted their full might immediately after nationalization of Coking Coal Mines in 1972 & Non-Coking Coal Mines in 1973 respectively and helped settle the dust arising out of widespread & multidirectional resentments/disturbances created by erstwhile private mine owners & mafia combine , money-lending agencies exploiting poor workers, misguided trade Unions. Their determined resolve, dedication and courageous facing of the restive situation resulted in restoration and establishment of normal environment for growth of Production & Productivity by evolvement and implementation of Systems in the capacity of Custodians and Mine Valuation Team Members of the CMAL had retired during 1991 to 1998. The hard work of the forgotten Executives ( founding fathers/architects during nationalization of coal mines & formation of CMAL/CIL) made it possible to raise the coal production level of Coal India from 72.00 Mte to more than 400.00 Mte per year – to be known as the largest single coal company of the world and CIL is a Maharatna company now. The Coal Mines Provident Fund Organization is having in their coffer Crores of unspent fund.
Because of the Datum/Cut-off Line (01 April 1994) adopted by CIL the majority of heroes and foundation –making Executives of all disciplines of CIL who had retired up to March 31, 1994 have been deprived of and denied of the Pension benefit and appears to have been forgotten and the soldiers of BCCL & various Zones of CMAL went into oblivion . Surviving Retired Executives of CIL now fall under the categories of Senior Citizen (60+ to 70 yrs), Super Senior Citizen(70+ to 80 years) and Mega Senior Citizen (80 yrs & above). Under the CMPS-98 Executives who retired from 1st April 1994 up to 30th April 1998 are being paid a nominal pension. With a nominal Pension of Rs 1000 to Rs 3500, under the CMPS-98 Scheme, as being paid and having no other sources of substantial income (through their paltry left over interest from diminishing/depleting savings) the mere survival of the retired Executives of CIL coping-up/countering with the continued inflation & spiralling price rise of all essential commodities even hand-to-mouth living is at stake who are mostly in the category of Senior Citizen (Super Senior & Mega-Senior Citizens) category . The situation being faced by them is of extreme financial crunch and it is getting progressively tougher for them to meet both ends
In view of the above I would ,therefore, fervently appeal to your benign-self for consideration of payment of uniform pension to all surviving retired executives of CIL retired during the period from 1991 to 1998 (all streams/disciplines) on the basis of “one rank one pension” (OROP).
Thanking you
Sincerely yours
Samares Bandyopadhyay
BE (Cal) LLB (GGDU) Chartered Engineer
Retd. Executive Director, Coal India Ltd

Former Vice-President, Institution of Public Health Engineers, India
Vice-President, BE College Ex-Students’ Club, Bidhannagar
DL-64, Sector-2, Salt Lake City,
Kolkata- 700 091
Mob: +91 90515 58670

Pension Scheme of Retired Executives of Coal India Limited
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