People requires Basic Needs

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My Respect to the Honorable PM Mr.Narendra Modi. My name is Vigneshwaran.T, working in an IT company in Chennai. My native is Erode. I’m writing this letter to you about people living in streets who’s longing for their basic needs. I’ve noticed people living under the bridges and over the slums. Those people are living in the streets, have no job to get their basic needs which is necessary for a human being. Their kids are playing in the roads with no clothes on. And they don’t have hygiene food. Their lives are at stake. If a country like India producing large field farm products and exporting the abundance to the foreign country, doesn’t even able to feed few lives begging for their life and basic needs. I’m so worried. I want to save them. So i would like to bring this to your attention to save the lives of people in the streets. We have Blue Cross society to save the animals and to protect the stray dogs. But what about the people dying like stray dogs. I would love to participate in your wise Governance to help those people under your Government campaign. Give me a chance i’ll prove the world that we human can make many wonders if we join hands and stand still if we are all united.

People requires Basic Needs
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