Personal Loan Emi Cut Less Than 10 Days Of Disbursal

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While taking Personal Loan,I clearly mentioned to the Manager,that my EMI shouldnt get deducted in the coming month since I will be receiving amount in the month end. And,he committed all false Promises that my EMI will nt get deducted intil 2nd month.
I availed loan on Aug26th end of the day,and my EMI got deducted not less than 10 days,i.e. September 5th itself. So, is it something fair I dont understand,you make customers fools with false promises,and finally Loss is with Customer’s hand. I didnt understand why he was forcing me to submit all documents on a priority basis with daily almost 20-30 calls to me all around. Finally,to make a fool..I need response to all my Questions,until my Trust with Axis Bank willnt stay…

After that,I rejected all offers like Car Loan,Credit Card etc with Axis Bank.

The persons who misguided me with Axis Policies is Praveen,himself termed as Manager for Personal Loan,with Secunderabad branch (as I know), and VIjay,who worked for him.

Please contact me on this, I want this to be taken so seriously,because many people like me should nt become preys in such people’s hands again

Personal Loan Emi Cut Less Than 10 Days Of Disbursal
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