pf and 52 days salary hold by company

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Dear sir i was working with a company named as targus technologies based in gurgaon udyog vihar phase 4.and i was on leave for a week after that i have some family problem so i couldnt join back in week.i informed company HR and my reporting manager about the same.once i came back HR arrange a cab for me to come office i reached office at 6:30 i was doing evening shift.HR called me in meeting room then all the management people came in and start hitting me and then they fired me from my post and company and put a blame on me that i theft data from there comoany.for which they dont have any proof.and afyer all this comapny MD promise me that i will get my salary in next 2 to 3 days.and i said from that 22nd june to till date i tried to call them but they are not answering my call my msgs.and also warn me about police.and telling me that if u go to police we will kill u.
I request you please look for the matter and get the same resolved without document i am not able to work anywhere..

pf and 52 days salary hold by company
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