pl help me I am fear at time by vidhayk and sapa nata

Complaint Date:

Dear Sir, I am poor Senior Citizen Women. I am Sending many jansunwai eg. Ref No KNR000000138 polish say that I am working on this FIR. No This is not True. After 3 month Police Doing nothing. Dear Sir Dt. 6.1.2016 Crimanals and Bhumafia are come to my house and braking the Front wall of my house and enter to my home and try murder me in the house than police make a first F.I.R No. 0011 dt. 6.1.2016 evedence is Cutting of Neck medical Report. Photograph of bracking wall and criminals. After one month Same incident Polish make a Fraud FIR No. 0122 Dt 7.2.2016 To My Family by Pressure of Kalyanpur, Kanpur Sapa Vidhayk Satish Nigam and Vinay gupta adyach lohia Vahine, Kanpur Nagar to Pressurise me to Wedraw These FIR And given money otherwise sell the house. Please do some thing
He is beaten me in the Court in front of majestate dt. 15.12.16 F.I.R No. 0833 Evedance is Audio recording of Majestrate where Majestrate is say that Criminals are come and beaten on front of me. Then Two Fir is lodge In Police Station. This news is Come to National News Paper and Media. Date 7.1.2016 and 22.1.2016. All Report have been made by police C.O. Report, SPRA Report, Where police is saying that this kabja is illegal and made by gundai and dabangai. So Why this FIR is made by Polish……….
Dear Sir My family is beaten by Vinay Gupta(adyache Lohia Vahine, Kanpur), Kamal gupta(Satish Nigam Sapa Vidhayk, PRO), Dheeraj Gupta(Histrisheeter and running a gang of Criminals) But Fraud FIR made by Some another person Bhupendra and padmavati. Why this.
Dear Sir, Please Help me if police is not doing any thing then Please make a Police Agreement to criminals that He is not beaten any where. Because Me and my Husband alone in my house. My Family is very Fear at Present Time.
Yours Nirmala Trivedi, Mob. 9335202203, 9335047142

Dear Sir, Please See the File uploaded content are Application, C.O Report, SPRA Report, News Paper Cutting, Satish Nigam Vidhayak, Kalyanpur Photo graph and Photo, Kanpur SSP Letter to C.O Kalyanpur but no response.

pl help me I am fear at time by vidhayk and sapa nata
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