Please help and save my career from UPTU Lucknow

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Ms.Smriti Irani
HRD Minister of Indian Government

Respected Madam,

I am Anushree Mishra (enrollment number: PH.D./06/MGMT/425).
I submitted my thesis in September’ 2014 to UP TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY LUCKNOW and tried to follow up for Viva through numerous emails. But to no help. My father (71yrs) also rang the university and visited them number of times regarding my pending case .its complete 10 yrs now since registration. I requested them to expedite the process as
I followed the University Ordinance to its fullest.
I feel helpless and don’t know how to go about it.
My career is in despair. Also I am a mother of a child with special needs. I need to be financially strong as my child needs are expensive(his diet, medicines, therapies,schooling,etc.). I am devastated as this university has made my life a living hell since so many years. I need my doctorate degree so badly as that can help my child’s treatment. I honestly and sincerely completed my thesis work. Now the ball is in your court madam. U r my last resort. Please help me get my much Deserved PhD degree from UPTU, Lucknow UP.

Please help and Bless.
I am in troubles.

Best Regards,
Anu Mishra

Please help and save my career from UPTU Lucknow
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