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I am not able to study right now due to my mental health so what should I do right now at this circumstances? So,I will be like this forever and will never be able to continue my studies? For how many years shall I drop my studies? I have already dropped two years. I will never be able to pursue my dreams if it continues like this. So what should I do right now? Shall I get any help regarding this? What shall I do when my mind is not permitting me to study. I am not doing this desperately, believe me. I am sick and need time to recover. But as well as I cannot forget that now I am in class 10. That is the reason why I wants to die because I don’t find any other way to live. I need urgent help so that I what find the reason of my living. Please help me ,Please recover me quickly because I don’t want to stay like this. Please help me, I need your kindness the most right now. This case belongs to Kendriya Vidyalaya NO. :- 1, Ishapore. It is a Cbse Board Based School Under Government Of India.

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