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i am vedpathak kiran leaving in pune city working as IT Manager in M’LA SALES PIMPRI
HOBBY like lottery playing (20-25% of salary) if earn money playing or stop . gain loss is my issue not concern with any other people (it’ last 10-15 years) finaly around 1-2 lac loss no profit but for entertainment..
this is not issue this is background of story yesterday in mondai i play around 100 rs game but loss no numbers are coming after coming to home on city post area 1man comes and enquire about the same (i am cid crime branch) we have all record with use directly arrested to police station or yerwada jail
avoid this mind 25-30 thousand rs i want to stop case i told that i have no money at present tommorow you give 10 after 2 days remaining money

i have question directly any on can arrest the person with out any reason

i am using that gain money for poor people /temple and so on

i am shocked …
pl help

please help me
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