Please refund my money please.

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Respected Sir,
It pain me a lot to bring to your kind notice on the services provided by the customer care of your prestigious company. AIRCEL
Matter is like that I have recharged my SIM Card through Pay-tm under ORDER NO.1033440241 . on dated 19 June 2015 at time 11:04Am. of rupees 449/- and I get the notification that recharge was done successfully.
But still my main balance is getting used about this problem I called on No 198 that is a complain helpline number.
When I asked them about this firstly they told me nothing about this when I called again they misbehave a lot they talk to me in a very nonsense
Is this a way to deal With your customer? Your so called gentle workers even have not sense to how to talk a customer.
I am every upset after this incident because assurances of best services by your company all proves untrue.
You should take this matter in concern. I hope that I will get my service or my balance of rupees 449/- will be refund in account otherwise these kind of little problem will cause a great harm to your company.
Yours costumer
Ajay Singh

Please refund my money please.
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