plz give me justice and help to stop corruption and cirminal activity in Jammu university

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Category: Education

Ref: Promotion of Prof F.K. Sudan despite proven bribery charges and his appointment as HOD Economics

I am attaching a report submitted by the Enquiry Committee constituted vide order no. Estab/0/2555461 dated 12th February 2007 which was set up against Dr Falendra Sudan who at that time was a Reader in the Department of Economics. The Committee was constituted to probe charges of bribery laid against Dr Sudan by the undersigned. Dr Sudan, who was then my M. Phil supervisor, had tried to extort a sum of Rs 20,000 from me to conduct the M. Phil viva voce. The Committee concluded that Dr Sudan had indeed asked for bribes to be paid to him and asked for a regular domestic enquiry (points 2 and 4 in pg 3 of 3 of the Report Annexure I).

While Dr Sudan was suspended, the case against Dr Sudan was closed by the University after he had apologised for his actions and his suspension lifted. Subsequently he was promoted to Professorship and later made Head of the Department inspite of his record which was in the knowledge of the University Administration. I have come to know that the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences as well as the former Head of the Department of Economics had written to the authorities warning of his record just prior to his appointment as Departmental Head. But the Competent Authority issued orders for his Headship a few days before he was to take over.

Ever since, he has used his position to victimize me for his action for the 2nd time, the 1st time (for bribery) and 2nd time (his and Prof Jasbir Singh’s discretionary conduct during the interview and after that his harassment and threatened behavior for my action for approaching the court against him when I applied for the Minimum Standards Certificate for my Ph.D certificate. He refused to present my application to the Department Research Committee. He told me that the courts would take years to decide the case by which time I would be ruined and “taken care of”. He also told me that University authority is supporting him. Prof Sudan already tried two attempts to harm me and from that day I leave fearful life. Today University authorities are questionable why they gave power to a person whose past experience was shameful in teaching profession and in 2015-16 he openly repeated the past for taking the revenge.
Sir, I would like to know whether given his record Dr Sudan should have been promoted to Professorship in the first place. and his appointment as a HOD in economics department in JU. How a person who was proved by the authority become HOD and he harassed many students openly and no one stop him …. one side political parties gave slogan “corruption free india” and in Jammu university corruption openly practices in some department.
present bjp govt slogan
beti padhao and beti bachao but in reality it works like beti marwao and corruption badhao” sir plss tell me how stop ds. i have all the proof against him and already send to governor (J&K) CM (J&K) HRD ministery with audio recording, Naac and UGC chairman, PM (PMOPG/E/2016/0151591). but till date no response froim any authority plzzz help me and safe the future of so many students of the university.

As a sufferer from his and his group’s actions, I request you to give me justice.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Rajni Sharma
Fmr Asst Professor
Udhampur Campus
University of Jammu
Dated 5/05/2016

plz give me justice and help to stop corruption and cirminal activity in Jammu university
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