PMNRF – Rs 5000/- Donation Amount Transferred – NO Confirmation received

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I have not received any confirmation Receipt of the donation made.

Transaction Identification No. 201505041001031

First Email to on 04/05/2015
Dear Sir,
I tried to transfer an Amount of Rs 5000/- to Our Prime Minister National Relief Fund in the name of My Mother Smt. Lalitha Rajagopal.
The Transaction is unsuccessful and shows the status as failure. But in my account Rs 5000/- has been deducted. I don’t know what is the reason for the same. Please let me know what I must do to make a proper transaction.

Second email on 25/05/2015
Dear Sir, I am forwarding you the mail which I had sent with an enquiry and with a request that I didn’t get any confirmation of the transaction or any receipt of the funds transferred still. When I enquired the same with our Bank, They are saying the transaction has taken place successfully on the next day – May 5th. But I have not received any confirmation.

I am not able to view the transaction history in your Website. It asks for details of phone no. and email id. it reports that a OTP no. would be sent to my phone no. but there is no OTP sent to my mobile to track the transaction details.
Please help me to track my transaction details at the earliest.

Thanking You

PMNRF – Rs 5000/- Donation Amount Transferred – NO Confirmation received
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