Police in Chennai TN are influenced heavily by politicians

Complaint Date:

In TN, the police are highly influenced and biased towards the politicians and their members. Especially in chennai, police are used as a tool to suppress the truth and get the poor victim into further problems.

I personally faced problems and still facing problems from my neighbor who is a kooli for a politician, harasses me and my family and do all sort of unlawful things. for eg: damaging my property etc.

Personally I feel, I dont wanna disturb you Mr. PM for this issue, but I want to suggest that ” all the state Police dept has to be under the central government control” so that right proper actions can be taken on all individuals who commit crimes.

Karthik Ck,
Masters student, Belgium, Ku leuven.
My Dad:
Krishnaswamy C, Defense Officer at DRDO.

Also I hope to visit you on your visit to Brussels on March 30th if I get a permit.

Thank you , All the very best for your progress. I am very happy that many Europeans know your name and some even follows you on news. You are taking India to the next Level. Good luck MODI Ji !!

with kind regards,
Karthik ck

Police in Chennai TN are influenced heavily by politicians
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