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It feels really sad and disappointed when I come across to such responses from such Customer Service team-Shopclues. I have been doing online shopping for more than 10 years now from all the premium websites indian-abroad, and trust me- shopclues customer services turned out to be most unprofessional and non- friendly out of all. Representatives are totally non cooperative and unable to understand what we actually try to convey to them. Talking about my experience, I have to repeat each line , each no. atleast 4-5 times to make the representative understand. They are not good English speakers ,not empathetic towards customers at all. Even when I asked them to guide me through the page for the refund process, the gentle man was himself not aware how does the page look like and where are the contents. I was not able to attach the picture for refund process(who does that now a days ??) as it was reflecting some error , inspite of this he told me that I have to complete it online then only action will be taken. this kept me stuck for another 4 days.

Sorry to say but if they keep going this way, its very difficult to compete with online market now a days. Websites like Amazon and Jabong have really stood up coz they know and respect what the customer expects. Without even explaining them everything, they know what we demand and immediately take actions.
Alas for Shopclues !

Poor Customer Service
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