poor network couverage

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respected sir /madam. i am residing in Laitumkreh Shillong. i have two post paid airtel connection. the call drop rate is very high. at times we need to call 10-15 times before the call gets through. these causes grate inconvenience, irritation and frustration. impotent works gets delayed . i wander if these complaints will ever be addressed. thinking taking them to court.

poor network couverage
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  1. pankaj sharma

    I have an id in facebook.but i dont avail the facilities.pls check and resolve my problem.

  2. surrender Sharma

    Sir meri Tata Docomo cdma SIM no. 9214442454 jab se maine li hai tab se mere ghar mai phone not rechargeable show karat h or baat karate samye awaj katti hai. .


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