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Reference – Pulsor 200NS; Chassis No. MD2A36FZ1FCK60381; Engine No. JLZCFK50590; Manufactured Date: 01/2015

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to draw the kind attention of the concerned authorities that I had purchased a Bajaj NS 200 from Fair Deal Bajaj ( Bajaj Authorized Dealer), C-1 South Ganesh Nagar, Main Patparganj Road, Patparganj – East Delhi, 110092, Ph: 22476280/9818277333 on February 27th, 2015 in Cash for Rs. 1,03,600/-. Since four days later i.e., from March 2nd, 2015 my bike has delivered constant poor performance. The details of the same are provided hereunder:-
1. The bike engine started to stop and could not start up even after trying again and again. Later automatically after 40-45 minutes the bike could start and repeat the same problem after every 25-30 Kms. I waited for 2 days but when this did not get over, I visited the showroom on March 5th, 2015 and complaint about the NEW PRODUCT of 5 days age. They gave me the contact number of Mr Suresh, the Head Supervisor of the Fair Deal Bajaj Service Centre situated at Patparganj Industrial Area.

On meeting Mr Suresh, he got the work done and told me it was a normal issue in which the Air Pipe behind the Oil tank was bent, which he assured was corrected.

My bike then gave me fine performance upto 2000Kms.

2. This thing happened again, my bike started to get off (engine could not start) while moving at different intervals. Because it automatically starts again in 40-45 minutes, I somehow managed to do my work because I have a very busy routine and I don’t get time to visit service station.

3. At 3000 Kms, the bike started to repeat the same engine shut down problem very often. I visited the Fair Deal Bajaj Service Station in Patparganj and told Mr Suresh about it. The mechanics their tried several methods to get the bike into performance but failed. I waited at the Service Station the whole day which I was told was a normal air pipe bend problem. I saw all the mechanics working on my bike and accelerating it badly in front of my eyes, but No Progress. I had the image of workers as if they were not even able to recognize the problem. They changed CDI, Plugs, Cleaned the Air Pipe, Oil Tank Pipe, etc but the bike was as it is. They tested it in front of me but the bike was again and again getting shut down.

Mr Suresh, after keeping me wait for the whole day asked me to leave the product their itself and asked me to collect the next day. He told me that he would talk to Head Engineers from Bajaj.

I was given my bike the next day telling me it was the Third Spark Plug which was creating issues and they had replaced it. I took the bike but it was not improved at all. I told him if he kidding with me. I suffered problems due to not having my vehicle with me, and, when he handed it was the same even after 48 hours of work.

4. He asked me to leave the bike with him for one more day, I had no option but to do the same. I kept suffering because I had to travel 40 Kms one side daily and the time without the bike was horribly killing.

He did not give me the bike the next day.

Not even the next to next day.

I kept on cursing Bajaj Product and told so many people about this. This was my first experience with Bajaj after Hero Honda and Honda. And this was horrible experience with Bajaj. My product was just 2 months old and I could not even ride it nicely till then.

I was given the bike after 3 days, which makes it total of 5 days this time i.e., 2 days after they told it was Spark Plug and 3 more days after that.

This time he told me it was some wiring problem and the Engineers from Bajaj somewhere else helped these guys to do it. I was handed the bike but was afraid to ride it fast because this usually happened while riding fast. I am a bike lover, that is why I somehow chose NS 200. It looked great and specifications were awesome too. But now I was regretting that I should have gone for Duke 200 instead.

5. I got my bike serviced second time on completion of 4500+ Kms. I told the agency people that I have started to feel that it could not run fast without any problems.

The next day onwards, I started to experience the same problem. The bike started to shut down again and again. I called Mr Suresh 3 days ago from today that it has just been a week that I got it serviced and it has started to repeat its problem again.

Last night I experienced something horrible. I was travelling on my bike from Bareilly to Delhi. The engine shut down for 8 times. Twice it took more than 3 hours to come start back again. The journey of 5 hours I completed in 13 hours. I missed my office today, my classes and remained asleep for very long. Had to wait on roadside alone for hours. I am very much exhausted with your product. The agency people cannot fix my problem. I think it’s a manufacturing default. I want my product or price back. I cannot tolerate this anymore. I have paid more than a lakh in cash and got waist in return. If this thing does not get changed or I got no money return I would prefer to sue Bajaj rather than hoping to get it done correct.

I have crossed my tolerance limits. Please understand and take actions. Its been more than 3 months, and, I have not utilized a penny of my money.

Please give my MONEY or NEW FINE PRODUCT.

Contact Number of Mr Suresh from Fair Deal Service Station is 08010667348 for any reference to my problem.

Thanking you in anticipation. Hope to get a reply soon.

Yours Faithfully

Faizan Ali Khan
CA Final Student

Place: New Delhi
Date: June 15th, 2015

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