Poor quality of milk & refusal in providing Milk

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I am Lalit Kumar Sharma hereby submitting my complaint with respect to the token Milk being provided by Mother Dairy Booth No. 960, Sector-7, faridabad

We have placed our very first complaint on 8.6.2015 vide Complaint no. 192744 , on this mentioned date we have purchased 2 ltrs of token milk from mother Dairy Booth No. 960, which when we had boiled at our home spoiled completely , we had shown the milk to the booth representative too.

Then same problem again occurred yesterday dated 19.6.2015 , for which we had registered the complaint vide Complaint no. 197648 at toll free No.

here i would like to inform that your representative behaves in a very rude manner.

Today again dated 20.6.2015 i had gone to purchase milk from mother Dairy booth No. 960 and he simply denies that we don’t have milk , there is some problem with the pipeline. Today again we had registered our complaint vide No. 198079 but no action has been taken yet .

Today the person has intentionally not given me the milk, is this the kind of representative you are hiring to serve Consumers.

By denying and not giving milk clearly states that there is something going wrong . Also your representative is clearly showing us the way to switch to other brands rather then mother dairy.

I would like that the concerned authorities should look into this matter urgently .

For any query you may contact me @ 9811882230


Poor quality of milk & refusal in providing Milk
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2 Responses to “Poor quality of milk & refusal in providing Milk”

  1. Mother Dairy

    Dear Mr Lalit,

    We regret the inconvenience caused to you.Thank you for sharing the Booth no., complaint no and contact no. We have made a note of your details and have forwarded the same to the concerned team. We will make sure that corrective measures are taken.

    Mother Dairy Team.

  2. Arvind Purohit

    We got two and half liters of cow milk from nearby authorised saras booth and as we opened it and put it on gas it get curdlered.we returned it to the booth whose booth no.is 4119.pls refund my money back. Arvind purohit 9782569334


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