Postgraduate examination md/ms 2016

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Sir , i dr vaibhav taneja want 2 bring into your notice about the injustice being done to medical graduates for admission in md/ms session 2016..
Sir for previous 2 years there were 3 counselings but this year only 2 counseling are being undertaken.
Sir after d 2nd counseling the seats which are left vacant in the all india quota pool are transfered back to states..
In the 1st round of counselling a student picks up seat through the all india quota which was from 13 march to 18th of march…n when the states counseling start any student who has picked up a seat through the all india pool has to surrender dat seat so that the seat he has picked up through the all india counselling gets reverted for allotment in the 2nd round of all india counseling ..sir according to supreme courts order dated 18 02 2016 given on mcc the 1st cpunseling of all india md ms entrance was 2 b held on 12th march to 24th march and all states counselling was to be held in between 4th april to 15th april…
Now sir many states have not compiled with the supreme court order dated 18 03 2016 and because of this students from these states will leave the all india seats only after they are aloted seats through their state counseling .sir this is direct contempt of supreme court order and is leading to inadverent seat blocking as the students admited through all india are finaly going to leave these all india seats once their state counselings start. N such seats which originaly belong to the all india pool are forfeited and are not available to students who have scored good in all india exams and are reverted back to respective states and colleges which are then filled through respective state counsellings giving a fortune to students who dint score good in all india examination thereby reducing all india pool quota seats by 1500 to 1600 ..
Sir total number of seats in all india pool is 5500 and if such large number seats around 1500 are reverted back to states the top rankers students who studied whole of a year or two doing lot of hard work its all a waste of their energy..sir i m forwarding you d documents along with this mail..please consider this is of utmost important to every single doctor who has put in a lot of hard work to get a rank in md ms examination ..n please provide us for an appointment so dat we can share other details with you..
Thanking you
Yours sincerly
Dr vaibhav taneja

Postgraduate examination md/ms 2016
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