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I have a Videocon sapphire direct LCD TV, which is not switching on. I registered a complaint , the mechanic of the company came and took the power card with him, he returned back and installed the same power card, which didn’t work. On asking him why he was installing the old card he said he had changed a capacitor, on checking it we found the capacitor was manufactured in 2010, when we asked him why such a old capacitor he tore off the slip from the capacitor. He then left, on 10 mar 2016 we again registered a complaint CUSTOMER reference NO. DEH1003160028, SVC CENTER 844515295. The mechanic Mr anil came opend the TV and told us he is aware of this problem since he had already seen this TV before, and he will have to see if the power card is available and went away. He came back next day with a power card and opened the TV for repair. When we saw the power card that he had brought, it seemed to be old and repaired as there were scratches all over it , the bar code slips on various components on the card were torn, and most importantly it was not the same as the existing power card installed in the TV. On pointing all these things to him he said now these cards come and for the old repaired look he said it got scratched because it was lying in his bag for a long time. There was no seal on the new power card so we asked him to get a new one and a similar one as was already installed in the TV.
He went away saying he will get a new one, in the afternoon same day he again gave a call to confirm if we were available at home so that he could come with the new power card. We said yes but no one came.
In the evening at approximately 6 PM the area manager Mr Gaurav gave a call and asked why his mechanic was turned back , I told him Mr Anil would have told you already, he said very arrogantly NO, I want to hear it from you, so I told him, he insisted it was not a old and repaired card. I requested him that if you still feel so I could do nothing about it but I would want a new card so please send another card , promptly he said it will take 15 days. I told if that be the case I am ready to wait for 15 days for a fresh card , but why should it take 15 days for a simple thing like that for a company like Videocon, I gave him an example of my Sony TV I got repaired for the same lower card defect , which the local agency didn’t have so they got it from Malaysia and all it took was 3 days, so why 15 days for this thing it’s an Indian company and a known one.
My request to you is this:
1. The LCD I have purchased in Apr 2013 has already had defects thrice.
2. The staff here as they say hold no spares, where as in a LCD only two circuits boards are there a Power card and Tuner card, do I take it that your regional service centres don’t cater for these defects.
3. The circuit boards are completely changed now days and not repaired, so why was the capacitor replaced, is it not contrary to company policy.
4. A old repaired power card was brought since that would have been taken out from someone ‘s LCD repaired and now was being installed in my TV even though it was of a different variety. Smaller also in size than the existing power card, so how would it fit.
5. Should it take 15 days to repair a LCD in the present day speaks volumes about the INEFICIENCY of the staff here in Dehradun , who are bringing disrepute to the company name.
6. My sincere request since I have purchased Videocon with some trust leaving aside larger brands, my trust and faith should not be broken by DELAYING REPAIRS, INSTALLING SPURIOUS PARTS, AND UNPROFESSIONAL DEALING BY A PERSON AT AREA MANAGER LEVEL.

Power card defect
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  1. Videoon

    Dear Rajesh(Rajeshbisht ),

    Sorry for the inconvenience. This is to inform you that your concern listed has been noted and our team is working on it. For any further clarifications, please write to us at write2us@vgmail.in and kindly mention your complaint no. in your subject line.
    Thank You for your cooperation.

    Videocon Online Team


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