Problems of education system

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These days everyone is facing the education system problems especially the child and the parents. These days the child has even forgot its childhood as child is completely bounded with burden on four sides. there are hundreds of books to study for a small little child and the bag to carry is very very heavy that even causes some serious back problems . There must be competetion but no burden. the syllabus for a child is so vast that it could not even be completed in a short period of time. the history subject is the biggest tension , can you explain me what is the use of studying the past and what benifit it will give to us even what is the use of studying chapters like the french revolution, the russian revolution and personalities like akbar and shahjahan. according to me and every parent it is useless. the students shouldn’t be taught the past but the future must be taught to them which would actually have a use in their life. moreover there should only be one or two chapters related to past rest all should be related to future and what is the use of learning the personalitier who invented but the students should be taught its merits and demerits. not just this much the examination is conducted throughout the year if one finishes its tht turn for the other one .so students cannot pick up their heads and many of them goes in depression. when the students get free in their summer vaccation or winter vaccations there are a number of tasks for them to do just because of excess of holiday homework. if once exam is conducted related to one chapter the syllabus for next exam shouldn’t contain that chapter again not like cce pattern or the symester system conducted these days its just waste why to learn a chapter two times. i wish that you will understand our problems and try to solve them. hope and a request that you will read it sincerely and plz send an answer respectively.

Problems of education system
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