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I have ordered a product Lenovo Vibe K4 note with VR bundle which was ordered on 28th march and 2nd april i got it, but their was defect in the item so i filled a replacement order. On 7th april my order was picked up and placed order for new product. but i want the product as soon as possible i raised high priority for delivering the product on 12th april but they give me delivery date of 13th april but on 13th april also i not got the product. Two supervisor of amazon called me and given the surity that my product will be delivered but the day. but on 13th april after all the false promise from amazon i not got my product. next day on 14th april i got the message of delivery on that they provide me false numb er of delivery boy. then i called the amazon for providing me the number after that again they have made false promise no action is taken from amazon. also they provide friendly delivery adds but i got very disturbed and also cancelled my plans due to a single product and false promise of amazon. please help me. i want to take claim as well as product for the false friendly service and late delivery of the product.
MY ORDER Number- 404-5123949-3415522

Product delaying
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