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I am a 66 years old handicapped person. I had booked a flat with BPTP in their Project Park Serene, Sector 37 D, Gurgaon. I had paid 95 percent of the cost of the flat by Nov. 2011 as per their Construction linked payment plan. Possession of the flat was supposed to be given by end 2011 or by mid-2012 inclusive of 6 months grace period. Today, four and a half years after this payment the flat is not complete, there has been no construction activity for at least 3 years.
There are at least 400 customers who booked flats including 300 serving and retired defence Personnel at about the same time. The colony is inhabitable and suffers from many infirmities like WATER Supply, Electricity, CLUBS, PARKS, and FIRE SAFETY. HIGH tension wires passing between the projects etc. The flats were ESCALATION FREE as per FBA but now BPTP has escalated the price and demanding more money. BPTP is not ready to pay & adjust money for the delay in construction done by them. BPTP charged 18percent interest from the Buyer for any delay in payment. BPTP has taken Extra External Development charges from us.
I followed up with BPTP for many years. But for many years BPTP was not even responding to my emails. I was not even allowed to visit inside the Construction site. Few of the buyers were pushed out of the compound of the construction site. Guards were deployed on gates so that they don’t enter the compound and take picture and status of the building. Finally, I managed to gather other buyers using social Media and made few platform to join them and finally filed a case in NCRDC in 2013. We are still waiting for our flats and result of the court justice. BPTP is fighting the case from our money, Hard earned Money which few of us earned by patrolling on the border for the safety of our country and our people. Many are paying RENTS, EMI or Both. BPTP has proven to be BIG Fraud Builder. BPTP is least bothered about its customers. BPTP is Crook and made huge promises now and then through Emails, Advertisements, on its official website.
We are losing hope from the system. No one is listening to our problem. But where is my future, what I have achieved, fighting a case in court from 3 years and waiting for an outcome which the builder will challenge in next court. But the time I will get some justice, I might not be here to read it or stay in that flat I booked with so much hope.
BPTP disappointed his buyers. Buyers are frustrated. BPTP management is enjoying. The MD of BPTP – Kabul Chawla bought home with our money on 68th floor of the Time Warner Center’s south tower, Manhattan ,New York fo 125 Crore Rupees.
A BPTP advertisement said it is developing more than two dozen projects, had 22,000 customers and had sales ofRs10400 Crore. However Most of the Project are on hold and pending. The projects delivered by the company earlier have poor quality of construction and infrastructure. Today, many of those customers appear to be unhappy. They have flooded Facebook pages, real estate forums and consumer websites in India with complaints about BPTP and have staged protests at some of the company’s properties. It’s not just one project – BPTP Park SERENE. There are other BPTP PARK GENERATION PARK SPACIO PARK ELITE AMSTORIA TERRA etc.
Most of Buyers feel cheated and there are worried that even BPTP management might runs away from India like other did recently. We request you all to sign this petition and ask Indian Government to intervene and get us delivery of our flats in HABITABLE CONDITION.

Jai Hind

Virender Grover
A – 8/27 Vasant Vihar
NEW DELHI 110057

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