Purchase materials/billing by trapping my mother

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Purchased from Mobikwik.com by trapping my mother
Dear sir/mam
Good morning.
it is very unfortunate that some unknown personal trapped my mother and took the SBI card number (622xxxxxxxxxxxxxx6552)and purchased some material or did any billing worth of Rs 9,999 on the POS NO: 393763 from Mobikwik.com.
The money transaction held between 3.00 to 4.40pm on 19/07/2015.
We got the above message on the mobile number of my mother 09439545501. My mother got the call on the name of SBI bank and taken the card number and OTP(one time passward) and purchased from your company.
My mother got the call from a number 918370867919 & it was a female voice.
After tracing from internet (truecaller) the number shows its location from M.P or Chhatisgarh & the number name is registered as FROD, India (truecaller)

From 20/07/2015 onwards we have mailed several times and dialled in the toll free number and to their fraud alert number to Mobikwik.com. The company asked for some details as per their terms.
Except Police FIR No. we have submit all details like my mother’s voting IDCard,Pan Card, Detail transaction statement of a ATM of 19/07/2015, some details from SBI bank
Please help us in this regard for which i shall remain ever grateful to you. . please call us on the mobile no: 09861085467 . Kindly help us as innocent parents and many people are suffered now-a-days for this kind of activity.
Kindly help us & cooperate us to get back the money that my parents’ white money should not go to black money makers. Kindly help to ban it or stay the order or do not go for any deliver or billing for that fraud person or in his/her account.

Purchase materials/billing by trapping my mother
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