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Respected Mams, (Pls forward this to your CEO)

This is Bharat Sadhwani one of your customer of the Premium ads. Our Premium ads were bought from Miss Vaishanavi Bangalore but after that a huge politics was played against us by your Mumbai representative Mr. Manoj (His residence is Thane & mobile no: 9820982026) who pressurized us continuously for 50 premium ads & even blocked our ads during premium. Apart from that, he stopped our 1 month ads starting from 18th May to 17 June on 12th June & told us to talk to Quikr Bangalore as they have done the deal.

Additionally, he was asking extra commission & even refused when my partner Mr. Sunil offered him 10 premium ads for test. He has again blocked our Quikr free ads & we are getting no alerts at all. He shared with Sunil that many companies offer him commissions apart from the Premium ad which should be atleast 50 to 500 premium ads. Normally, I know that Quikr employee never shares mobile but he has shared that with every customer & even claims that he can do anything in Quikr by putting anyone’s ad on top or even block them.

So, these things happen & these kind of employees who pressurize or blackmail customers in a reputed organisation like yours. CEO sir, if this type of thing continues the day is not far that your customers loose faith in Quikr & search for other options. As a proof we have Manoj’s recorded conversation where he is pressurizing us for extra commissions and ads which we would present you personally if you give us an appointment & even present you emails how we were harassed during the period of 18th May-17th June. A telephone list would be also provided where Manoj called Sunil almost 3-4 times each day & pressurized for ad. Additionally, he refused 10 ads which were giving to him yesterday & blocked our free ads.

Kindly forward this to your CEO & fix an appointment, so that we could meet him personally & let him know about this problem. I know your Lower Parel address & I would visit him once I get appointment.

Tks & Rgds

Bharat Sadhwani +91 9930670385 (both these numbers & ads are blocked & alerts also restricted)
Sunil +91 9987492286

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