rape of 2 to 5 years girl in delhi

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it was really shameful to hear from cm kejriwal what is PM modi or lg najib is doing or what delhi police is doing and 100% media i could use very bad words for u when asking what is police doing didnt they arrested the 3 guys in one case now tell me how many police personals should be appointed now it is very bad to ask this quest to the parents of child where were they during all this incidence were they not keeping eye on their baby sorry but u expect police to keep eye on every citizen of delhi useless mediagiri now tell me how many cases regarding rape are pending in country 40,000 what is u media and so white coloured people doing have ever they seen what is happening to those pending cases speak on it question our judiciary u cannot say numbers of judges are less but there are other things too really if u want to stop this than improve social awareness what is kejriwal government doing on this strict and quick punishment like death penalty should be given fast from lower court to high court to supreme court u should make law that this cases must be done in time frame say 15 days only not years after years no presidential pardon rape is not a problem that can be tackle only by police but society participation is needed

rape of 2 to 5 years girl in delhi
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