RE : PAYTM ORDER REF: 900758221 & INVOICE #: 25598/000000000853

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Dear Sir,

Recently i purchased a headset from through my colleague Mr.Gireesh Thampi.S. And now the device isn’t working properly. At the time of buying it had a warranty for one yr and so i contacted the firm for customer service, but there was no reply from them after June 17, which stated that they will give a refund. The account details in paytm is as given below

Registered mobile number : 9496801459

The paytm ticket id is #109085147.

I hope it gets resolved soon. I had purchased the product on the pretext that it has got a warranty for one yr, but now they are saying htey will refund the amount. Is this the company policy? I hope it will be resolved soon.

Juan A J

RE : PAYTM ORDER REF: 900758221 & INVOICE #: 25598/000000000853
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