Receipt Of i ball Andi4.5 Enigma

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I had purchased i ball Andi4.5 Enigma (Special Gold) last year in the month of April or May. I have misplaced the bill, can I get a copy of it. As the phone motherboard is damaged. Also previously it’s battery was damaged, where I had to purchase it for Rs. 411/- including taxes. Please send me if you can the copy of bill of my purchase.
Details of the phone are as follows
M_IMEIS/N :911398650671452
S.IMEI :911398650671452
Model Andi4.5M Enigma+
Colour Special Gold
Ver.: 1.0.0
This Product was imported and Marketed by :
Best IT Wood (India) Pvt. Ltd.
87, Mistry Industrial Complex, MIDC Cross Road ‘A’
Andheri (East), Mumbai- 400093, Maharashtra, India

Sir I shall be thankful if I could get the receipt of the said phone.

Receipt Of i ball Andi4.5 Enigma
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