Received faulty / damaged product from amazon

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I have ordered a IPAD 4 from amazon on 11/02/2016. I received it on 15/02/2016 after delivery i open the box and tried to switch on IPAD but it didnt. immidiately i contacted amazon customer care, they told me battery may be dead so please put it on charge. so by following instruction by them i put it on charge for minimum 3 hrs and again i tried but found same problem that means IPAD not switching on. on the same day i generate a return request in thair web site and today is 25/02/2016. its already 11 days going to over but amazon not returning my money.

Please find below order details:

Order placed : 11 February 2016
Total : 27,490.00
Order ID : 171-3654893-3706701 .

Requesting you to please help me in this regarding .

P Nayak

Received faulty / damaged product from amazon
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