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my recharge is not done and money is been deducted from account of Freecharge.In

Recharge Was Not Successful – Freecharge.In
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  1. Rampal

    A recharge of rupees 177/- for the 3G data usage on the mobile no. 9555721569 of reliance GSM was done successfully by using your mobile app ”free charge” on 23 June 15.

    According to the information on your mobile app the recharge of 177 will allow the user to use 3G data of 600MB + unlimited whatsapp and twitter and facebook data for a validity of 28 days repeat 28 days..

    Now as the information given to me by a customer care employee of reliance Mr. Love kumar, today (16 jul 15) at 2030, reliance has changed this plan to a validity of 21 days repeat 21 days only..

    I suffered a loss of 200 rs due to this confusing and misguided information at your mobile app.. On 11 jul 15 I recharged my phone with 200 rs talk time and this talk time was just gone like nothing as I was made to use the data without data pack recharge.. I thought that I still have 7 more days to use this data pack but it was already finished on today..

    This is the whole matter I thought to bring into the knowledge of the administrators of freecharge and the maker of this app..

    Now I just simply want to know what is the easiest possible way of getting my 200 rupees back.. Just by online complaining to you or by complaining about this misguided and confusing situation created by your mobile app in the consumer forum.. Or you want to settle this issue with reliance and play the blame game and throw the ball in their court or in my court and then create more exhausted situation to me. With all due regards I want to add that this will make me stronger to get my hard earned money back.

    This is for your information and necessary action please.

  2. Bimal

    I’ve had similar incident. I recharged two airtel numbers using freecharge app. The money got deducted but the recharge plan never got activated. Airtel says they can number being recharged but the plan isn’t for my numbers, so its not activated and they can’t do anything. Freecharge support also says they can’t do anything. I used the plan that freecharge offered in the app. Why would they have plans which are not applicable for my number, this is cheating…

    We need to know a way to get the money as this isn’t our fault.


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