redemption of payback points

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Yesterday, I received a message that I am having 300 payback points and if I redeem the same between 18-20th December, the same will be doubled. Today morning, I went to ur Rohini, Delhi outlet for redemption of the same. However, the payback card was misplaced by me and is not traceable because while purchasing only mobile No. was taken from us. When I requested the staff and shown the message received on my mobile to redeem the points, they were not able to do so because of non-availability of the card. They advised me to submit a request and get another card which will taken around 15-20 days. It means that I will not get the benefit of the scheme. I have provided them my identity card and the message on the mobile, but they were helpless. I do not think that I will be deprieved of the benefit now being provided by BIG BAZAR. It also means that a person who has misplaced/lost the card cannot get the benefit. There must be some solution for the same. Please advise me/ur staff how to get these points redeemed. I will wait for ur reply.

redemption of payback points
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