redg complaint on exchange policy of store

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Good evening ,
this is Dr.Kirthi Chandra working at Apollo hospitals hyderabad .I am a regular customer of Tommy brand and on 11th march 2016 my wife purchased two shirts at Tommy Hilfiger store located in ground floor ,luxor plaza ,road no 2 ,Banjara hills hyderabad -34,India.(bill number :S15/12924)and at the time of purchase my wife was told that exchange on sold goods is only possible for 3 days from date of purchase. I went to store promptly on 14th march 2016 to exchange my goods but the collection in store was too little so i requested the sales manager to give me credit note to exchange later but she told me that there is no policy of credit note in Tommy brand and further told me that exchange on products is for 15 days from date of purchase . when i checked the reciept carefully it showed policy as ‘ no exchange no returns” . i want to please ask u whether there is a proper policy in reputed brand like tommy redg exchange . is exchange not possible or possible for 3 days or for 15 days . if this is the state of affairs please let me know and i will refrain from going for the product next time . thanking u
dr. N.K.Chandra

redg complaint on exchange policy of store
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