Rediff Shopping Online Order, Complete Order not Received

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I have placed online order to Rediff Shopping for Top Gear Trolly Bag Waybill No.-P0001006511 & Combo of Educational Toy Waybill No.-P0001006510. Total amount of both products has been paid by credit card and payment status successful.

1. Waybill No.-P0001006510 has been received on 31.07.2015.
2. Waybill No.-P0001006511 Still Status not found.

As per discussion with Redff shopping customer care item will be delivered with in two days and as per Online checking delivery status & discussion with WOW Express Waybill No.-P0001006511 not in their records and data not fount.

Kindly take legal action to resolve the issue and help to get remaining product on time.

Rediff Shopping Online Order, Complete Order not Received
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